77. The Beauty and Struggles in Podcasting || With So Nigerian x Kwality Kontent Podcast


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The last general episode of Season 2 is a special podcast cross over I’ve been planning for a long time.

I got in touch with Two podcast greats; Dami Aros Host of “So Nigerian Podcast” (Peaked at No 4 Podcast in Nigeria) and Kussman Host of “Kwality Kontent Podcast” (No 1 Entertainment News in Nigeria).

Dami and Kussman share their podcasting experiences and the motivation that prompted them to start their podcast.

They also open up about the good parts of podcasting, money in podcasting, bad parts and the struggles of running a podcast.

They address the biggest fear every new podcaster has “dealing with low plays” while describing the 3 qualities that make a good podcast.

If you’re a content creator or you’ve been wanting to start a podcast, or even start a business, this episode is specially for you because the lessons here are priceless.

Happy to end the general episodes of Season 2 on a high with 2 kings and I left a big business offer for Anyone looking to their podcast.

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