Resilience Tips Because Who The F*ck Knows When This Will End


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This is an SOS episode.

I had Fliss (my psych mate) on the show a season or two ago and seriously everyone loved her. I had so many requests to get her back on the show.

Australia has turned upside since last season. Canberra and Victoria have been plunged into harsh lockdowns and the NSW outbreak is devastating. We're all tired, we're all over it.

On a personal note, we’ve lost childcare again and for us, that’s the last beacon of hope. It’s really tiring with 2 full time working parents tag-teaming childcare and work. We’re coping but we have zero downtime and we're down the last straw.

I’ve invited Fliss back to give some more tips for grounding ourselves and being resilient when things are out of control… again.

I do not have the time, strength or inclination for show notes this week. If I mention anything in the podcast and you want to know about it ask in the Facebook group.

You could try asking me on Instagram but I can't guarantee I'll be there much - @veryexcellenthabits

If you want this week's bonus Resilience Work Book - Who The F*ck Knows How Long This is Going to Last you can grab that by becoming a Patreon here.

Stay safe, get vaccinated!

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