Bonus: Introducing the Learn Psychotherapy Podcast


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Ben and Carrie have a new podcast! It’s called Learn Psychotherapy, and we’re inviting you to listen and practice along to develop your therapy skills.

Learn Psychotherapy: Website / YouTube / Apple Podcasts / Spotify

Skill Criteria for Soliciting Client Feedback:

  1. Begin with a short response, reflection, or validating comment.
  2. Ask the client for feedback about some aspect of therapy that is related to the subject of the client statement.

Thanks for joining us to develop your therapy skills just a little bit beyond where they were yesterday. Visit Sentio University to download the client statements, sample responses, and skill criteria for this episode. To start the practice section, skip ahead to 26:42.

Instructions: We encourage you to learn by trying this skill yourself. Pause the episode after each client statement and try to improvise a response that meets the skill criteria and feels authentic to you. Have fun, and happy learning!

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