Campesinos, Class Struggle, and the Land


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With its immense oil reserves, there was a time when Venezuela was called the “Saudi Arabia” of Latin America. This reliance on oil rents invariably distorted much of the economy, making it cheaper to import food rather than produce it locally.

This decades-long arrangement helps explain Venezuela’s challenges when it comes to securing food sovereignty. With the collapse in the price of oil and the effects of US-led sanctions that have crippled the industry, the scenario has changed, and the oil sector can no longer fuel the rest of the economy.

This shift and the pressing need to secure a model that allows for locally produced healthy, and nutritious food for Venezuelans, has made the land question more important than ever.

In this episode, we will speak with Andres Alayo. He is one of the key leaders of the Campesino Struggle Platform, which brings together local, autonomous peasant, communal and revolutionary organizations in order to present a unified voice and organize their demands.


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