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If you are VEGAN or want to go VEGAN and want to improve your fitness journey, this is the podcast for you. Are you looking to build muscle or lose fat on a vegan diet? Or just want to get more fit and flexible? My name is Lakshay and I am a recreational vegan bodybuilder wanting to help people reach their goals without the need to unnecessarily harm animals through a vegan diet. I love dispelling the myth about vegan lifestyles and muscle building, and have helped many people build muscle and tone down fuelled by an ethical and compassionate diet. In every episode I will be helping you by interviewing other vegan athletes and experts or through my own knowledge to build muscle, lose fat, become more flexible/improve mobility, live a healthier better life and of course help save the environment! Please rate and review my podcast so it can help others, I will be reading each and every one of them!

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