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I cannot believe another year has just gone!
But I am also immensely proud of the content from the the 2021 season.
I hope you gain as much from listening to these episodes as I do recording them.
This year, I couldn't possibly include a piece from every guest in this summary episode, so instead, I have taken a short clip from sections I think you may find interesting or practically helpful.
Of course, if any of these pieces are of interest to you, be sure to go back and give the full episode a listen again or for the first time.
For ease of access, I have linked each one below for you:
Ep. 23 | Nicky Birch
Ep. 24 | Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

Ep. 25 | Hawys Davies
Ep. 27 | Dr. Melanie Joy

Ep. 29 | Have Horowitz

Ep. 30 | Dr. Eric Helms
Ep. 31 | Alan Flanagan

Ep. 32 | Jason Fitzgerald

Ep. 33 | Shannon Beer
Ep. 34 | Andy Bryant

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