53 | Tina's drug-free VBAC following an emergency caesarean at 2cm dilation; Public Hospital, Meconium in waters, TTN, NICU, Episiotomy, Student Midwife


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Today we meet Tina a registered nurse and mum of two who lives with her husband in Melbourne. She shares her two very different birth and postpartum experiences with us. After Tina's son was born via an emergency caesarean he experienced what is called TTN (Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn). Babies with TTN have extra fluid in their lungs or the fluid leaves too slowly from their lungs. It is more likely to occur in c-section babies. She shares what it was like for her having a baby in special care and then the NICU ward. Having an unexpected surgical birth played a heavy role in her overall mental wellbeing in those early days.

In her VBAC pregnancy Tina opted to have a student midwife follow her on her journey, and we are very thankful that Tina invited her student midwife, Rebecca, to join us in today's interview. You'll get to hear her perspective on VBAC and following women on their journey to birth during the show.


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