(#9) VB Map podcast: Methodologies for prototyping and validating early stage ideas at a low cost: A conversation with Nick Martin, MISSION+ CEO


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VB Map Podcast is a weekly series where Slash CEO Andries De Vos speaks to brilliant minds in the venture building space to understand their challenges, insights and the impact of venture building on corporate innovation.
In this episode the guest of Andries is Nick Martin, the CEO of Mission.Plus, a digital innovation studio that combines engineering, design agility, expertise and commercialization to deliver market ready tech products.
Listen to the episode to deep dive into methodologies for prototyping and validating early stage ideas at a very low cost (Prototyping early-stage ideas, Low-cost idea validation, Business concept validation).
Andries and Nick discuss with us:
✔ The “Aha!” moment to start prototyping
✔ Trends in prototyping
✔ The rise of low-code tools

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