(#16) VB Map podcast: Value system of Web3, founder recruitment, and venture de-risking: A conversation with the Venturerock partner Apoorva Ruparel (Part 1)


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Apoorva Ruparel is a serial Entrepreneur with 3 successful exits, angel investor, 500 Global Mentor.
Apoorva is a Partner at Venturerock, a digital venture capital platform and ecosystem of founders, backers & builders building the next generation of global tech companies. He has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Sales, Angel Investing, Fund Raising, Go To Market Strategy and Growth Hacking.

In this episode Slash CEO Andries De Vos and Apoorva Ruparel discuss:

  • Why startups fail and what the industry can do about it?
  • The challenge of VCs: we don’t have a problem of choice, but a problem of quality.
  • Real Venture Building has been around for a while, but is really only now arriving - but there is no perfect formula yet
  • How to breakdown the VB process into 70+ milestones, the strategic importance of acquiring building blocks for each, and how to structure your VB team capabilities
  • How much equity should a VB take and what is a fair equity stake for founders? We debated different models for financial inclusions between investors, founders and teams, and how those differ by region.
  • VC-VB fund economics: how much money do you invest per startup, ownership targets, how much more risk can you take or should take

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