(#16) VB Map podcast: conditions for scalability, transition from Web2 to Web3, and risks and dangers of having average consumers: A conversation with Venturerock’s Apoorva Ruparel (Part 2)


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In part 2 of our VB Map Podcast with Apoorva Ruparel,, we dig into how philosophical questions and human history can inform the creation of startups in the Web2-Web3 world:

  • The role of standardization in scaling anything (religion, F&B, startups!) and the conditions needed for scaling,
  • Categorizing human needs helps product strategists synthesize patterns and good practices in addressing problem statements,
  • How the values system for the internet is broken and the opportunity for Web3 companies,
  • What does a venture look like that builds for a world that transitions from Web2 to Web3?
  • What verticals and problems are Web3 adoption ready?
  • The risks and dangers of having average consumers start with angel investment.

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