(#11) VB Map podcast: Creating team culture, developing concept validation and incubating: A conversation with HOV Managing Director Usman Sheikh


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Usman Sheikh is the Managing Director of High Output Ventures, a seed-stage fund and startup studio investing in exceptional domains experts who are building the remote first companies of tomorrow. Usman is a serial entrepreneur, having built, operated, and sold companies over the last 15 years.
The conversation centers around:

  • Adjusting your mindset and skillset as serial entrepreneur for investing and operating/building, and what this means for VC-VB models
  • Defining your personal drive and measure of success as serial entrepreneur
  • Finding the right CEOs
  • Building a remote culture and remote practices
  • Differences in talent in Europe and Asia, and what qualities to look for
  • Creating a flywheel of concept validation for ventures, and the importance of discipline and quick iteration
  • The qualities one needs to have to be a startup CEO

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