The Queen Of The Universe, Sushant Divgikar aka Rani KoHEnur


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On #VartaLab this week, Aakash & Navin are joined by THE Sushant Divgikar, aka Rani KoHEnur! Sushant Divgikar is an Indian model, actor, singer, columnist, psychologist, motivational speaker, drag queen, pageant director, and video jockey. And also the one from whom Navin gets all the gossip.
In the episode, the three of them talk about:
- What Sushant’s life was like growing up in Bandra
- The Norma & Norman Story
- Tackling society and its unnecessary bak-bak - The Sushant Way
- Navin’s humor - his weapon of choice
- One mandatory Bigg Boss story from Sushant
- Sushant’s journey with and from the International show - Queen of the Universe
- The need to protect all sorts of art & all sorts of artists
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