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On this week’s episode of #VartaLabS4, Aakash & Navin are joined by Harshit Misra, aka Hashbass, a musician & producer originating from New Delhi. Endorsed by some of the best names in the music business, such as Fender, D’addario & Akai, he is a popular name in the Indian independent music industry. In the episode, Aakash, Navin & Harshit share the following stories and more:

- When Aakash & Harshit met over Clubhouse
- How Hashbass got acquainted with the bass
- Civic people in Bombay are being sarcastic
- When Navin gave blood to a guy claiming to be a BMC worker
- Getting guitars from Bharat Music Store in Delhi
- Hashbass & Navin’s weird airport & flight experience
- Hashbass's plans for the future

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