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This week on #VartaLabS4, Aakash & Navin are joined by illustrator & muralist, Neethi. Neethi is an old friend of Aakash and an exceptional artist who has worked on projects with giants like Google, Instagram, Whatsapp, Adobe & more. In the episode, Aakash, Navin & Neethi talk about :
- D*ck pillows, posey bugs & the secret of the poster of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’
- The good ol’ Orkut days - when Aakash & Neethi became friends
- Neethi’s abstract world around illustrations & murals or wall arts
- When Neethi couldn’t go to Shillong for studies because of helicopters
- Navin’s story of ‘1 din ka monitor’ and how that power corrupted him
- Aakash - the in-house unsuccessful Marathi poet
- Neethi & her husband’s design & tech studio - How About That!
- The importance a tour guide holds
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