Workplace Stress- Causes and Ways to Combat it


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Working a job is a necessity in today's world. But with a job comes a set of responsibilities and workload, which brings along stress, often referred to as workplace stress. Amid the hustle-bustle of work and life, employees tend to feel heavily pressurized, ultimately leading to burnout.

In this podcast, Teany and Debbie talk further about how to address the issue of workplace stress and prevent it.

Teany Hidalgo is a Burnout and Purpose coach with 12+ years of running her private wellness practice. Her 22 years of background in Corporate America with leadership roles, hiring, and training staff, plus her own major pivot points, helped her understand the burnout struggles of the working class.

Debbie Bellenger is working full-time as the solopreneur of Body By Definition, providing Advisory Services to individuals and organizations who wish to add wellness programming to their menu of services and offerings. In addition, Debbie has extensive medical wellness experience both in programming and center operations.

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