What is Employee Wellness? What is its relevance at Work?


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Wellness matters in everybody's lives today. Especially after Covid-19, it has gained huge recognition. Even in workplaces, employers prioritize employee health and well-being as they realize employees make the organization's most valuable assets. With this in view, organizations have come up with wellness programs to ensure employee wellness. Employee wellness refers to nothing but programs aimed at improving employee health.

In this podcast, Debbie Bellenger talks about how organizations should promote employee wellness at work and how it is relevant in tackling burnout and ensure retention.

Debbie Bellenger is working full-time as the solopreneur of Body By Definition, providing Advisory Services to individuals and organizations who wish to add wellness programming to their menu of services and offerings. In addition, Debbie has extensive medical wellness experience both in programming and center operations. She was the first Director of Wellness for two healthcare systems in SC and NC: Lexington Medical Center for 12 years and Caromont Regional Medical Center for 9 years. In her role as the Director of Employee Health, Occupational Medicine, and Wellness at CaroMont, she oversaw four business units which included: 1) 13,000 Medical Wellness Center, 2) Employee Wellness Program for CaroMont, 3) Discover You Interactive Learning Center, and 4) Community and Employer Wellness Service line which generated $0.5 million dollars in revenue.

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