Non-useless merit badges / Cartoon Characters vs Thanos


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Utterly Useless is three Brothers-ish, talking random stuff, mainly movie/TV/trivia, attempting to make each other laugh or get a really-really uncomfortable, and answer life's most pointless questions.

Episode Chapters and Time Stamps

  • Welcome and Introductory Quote - 00:00:00
  • This Week's Merit Badges! - 00:03:01
  • Spin the Wheel - 00:13:41
  • Jeremy's "Re-Redit" - 00:28:45
  • Who Dis? Dis or Dat? - 00:47:24
  • Fisty-Cuffs: Cartoon Characters vs Thanos - 00:52:58
  • One Recommendation - 01:04:02

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