Episode 8- Interview with Will Moyo


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In this episode we talked with Will Moyo an Bioengineer from Zimbabwe. Will is the Engineering Innovation Design Studio Manager for Rice 360 Institute for Global Health Technologies.

We discussed:

  • Will’s background and the kind of work she does now
  • What is Bioengineering and what training she received to get there
  • What motivated her to pursue a career in Bioengineering
  • Invention education and how its used at the Design studios where she works
  • What are Design Studios and training offered there
  • What Will does on a day to day basis in her role
  • The different kind of funders who support their work
  • The need for support and investment in inventions, innovation and education for long term success “Funding people to fail”
  • Challenges associated with innovation and global health technologies in an African context
  • What is Will's favorite part of the work that she does
  • The value of impactful work and seeing effort come to fruition
  • What public health means to Will
  • Everything is Public Health!
  • Is Will Shuri from Black Panther???
  • The importance of medical devices and access in public health
  • The Importance of investing in education for health so as to improve health outcomes
  • The need to train engineers and technical workforce practically so they know how to work with biomedical equipment in the real world
  • Other African countries where the model of design studios are currently being implemented
  • Who makes a good Biomedical engineer?
  • What it takes and good skills to have in the field
  • The different kind of stakeholders Will and her students get to work with
  • Regulation and standardization for medical device design and invention in African countries
  • Challenges and frustrations from working in education and invention and innovative work in the global health technologies space
  • How their program was able to generate income for themselves by being innovative at the beginning of the pandemic
  • What does Will know now, that she wishes she knew earlier
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Resource plugs
  • Tips of reaching out and getting opportunities in the field

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