Episode 6-Interview with Dorcas Kareithi


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In this episode with Dorcas Kareithi a clinical trials statistician from Kenya currently based in the UK we discussed:

  • Dorcas’s background and how her love for Math led her to study Applied Statistics
  • What she calls herself
  • Dorcas’s love for data, data puns and t shirts with them
  • All the key steps she took to end up working in health with her skillset
  • Difference between being a researcher and statistician
  • What influenced her interest in health from family to books she read growing up
  • How she ended up working in health after her Bachelor's degree and key steps she took to lead herself there
  • Mentorship and the role it has played in her career
  • Different types of mentors
  • Highlights from her current and previous work
  • What is her favorite thing about her work and working in public health
  • What she likes the least about working in public health
  • Ethics in public health research
  • Inequalities in healthcare access
  • The importance of government buy in and will to bridge research findings to policy and implementation
  • Importance of documenting failures in research
  • Her top 3 software recommendations
  • Words of wisdom especially to people looking to have careers in statistics

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