Episode 4-Interview with Nang’andu Chizyuka


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In this episode we chat with Nang’andu, a health promotion specialist from Zambia about her 11 year career in public health.

We discussed:

  • How Nana started her career in public health and what motivated her to focus on health in development
  • Secondary prevention in Cervical cancer
  • All things Cervical cancer
  • What work she currently does and what that looks like on a typical day/week
  • Monitoring and Evaluation in public health programs
  • It's not just M&E
  • Nana’s multi year experience and the different amazing work and areas she has worked in
  • Digitalization of M&E and how Nana has taken it in stride
  • What digital applications and platforms Nana uses in her work
  • How her role requires her to be flexible, adaptable and translate between different kinds of experts
  • How she has continued to learn new skills and dedicated time to that to keep up to date with the work
  • The importance of prioritizing the population as a receiver of information and evidence generated in public health work
  • Data for decision making - Decisions in health begin at the individual’s health
  • Beyond data collection and M&E in public health work
  • Data as an empowerment tool for people
  • Nana’s definition of public health and what it means and looks like for her
  • There is so much work to do!
  • Frustrations and challenges working in public health
  • What is Nana’s favourite thing about working in public health
  • What keeps Nana working in public health?
  • Public Health saves lives
  • Skills that Nana has found useful in public health
  • Top things that Nana recommends investing in while working in public health
  • The value of relationships in public health work
  • What she does when she feels demotivated in her work or in a slump
  • The value of humanities and social sciences in public health with examples from a reproductive health program that Nana worked in
  • The value of innovation in public health
  • Who are we doing public health work for?
  • Public health interventions need to be inclusive and not discriminatory
  • Tips and words of wisdom to young people
  • Challenges in career guidance and learning how to explore
  • Visible women Zambia and mentorship for young women and girls

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