Episode 3 -Interview with Temitope Ben-Ajepe


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In this episode we chat with Temitope Ben-Ajepe, a pharmacist and public health consultant from Nigeria.

We discussed:

  • Her pharmacy background and how she ended up studying pharmacy
  • Her motivations to explore regulatory work and work at a macro level
  • Details of different internship and placement experiences, what she enjoyed and what she learnt there
  • Overview of Pharmacy training Nigeria and the national requirements for licensing
  • The different types of pharmacy practice and the different levels
  • How her many internship experiences influenced and motivated her to want “more”
  • What more looks like for Temitope in public health
  • Some research projects she has worked on
  • The value of data in health care work
  • Research and ability to generate evidence that makes an impact in
  • The power of trying out different things in your career and being open to different experiences
  • Importance of mentors and aligning with mentors that focus on what you are interested in
  • Skills and training that she has found valuable in her current work form Pharmacy school and beyond

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