Episode 2-Interview with Dr. Nikki Kay


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In this episode we talk with Dr. Nikki Kay a specialist Public Health physician currently based at the Duke-NUS Medical School Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE) and SingHealth Duke-NUS Global Health Institute (SDGHI) in Singapore.

We discussed:

  • Her 16 year career in public health medicine starting from her background and what motivated her to want to work in public health
  • Her experience taking care of family during the peak of the AIDS pandemic in Zimbabwe and similarities of the HIV pandemic with COVID for health care workers
  • The decision to pursue medicine and what she enjoys about being at the frontlines of patient care
  • What she studied for her undergraduate and her many interests and work experiences as a public health swiss army knife!
  • Working at the frontlines of COVID in Singapore in 2020
  • Taking breaks in your career and learning to avoid burnout-Take care of you!
  • What public health means to her
  • The particular value of patient care experience in public health
  • Skills that she has that she found useful in her clinical-public health roles
  • How she navigates working with different stakeholders at different levels in her work and maximizes her experience and knowledge for the benefit of communities and people
  • Nikki the public health shapeshifter? Public Health CIA or FBI? Let's find out!
  • Word to the wise:
    • Knowing that you have what it takes for roles- believe in yourself!
    • You don't have to be perfect for an opportunity so do not talk yourself out of it
    • Don't skimp on Quant skills!-Do a little bit more math than you are comfortable with. It will come in handy
    • Work on your writing skills
    • Qualitative methodology is key
    • Soft skills- get to know to people in the field- stay connected
    • To those especially looking to pivot- say hi to people and Network

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