Episode 1-Interview with Mandi Tembo


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In this episode we talk with Mandi Tembo, a Menstrual health enthusiast and PhD research fellow with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine about her journey and career in public health.

We discussed:

  • Mandi's introduction to and start of her public health work
  • How she started her PhD and the opportunities that led her to that point
  • The decision to get a PhD and timing for it
  • Working back in your home country and at the community level
  • How do you describe yourself? What do you day you do?
  • What does Public health mean to her?
  • How does she define public health for herself?
  • What Mandi likes and loves about working in public health
  • Feminist leadership in public health
  • Public health as activism
  • Challenges that come with working in public health
  • Funding, research barriers and Global North-Global South equity in global health
  • Public Health is hard work!
  • Leadership in public health
  • Website to check out : https://www.thruzim.org/

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