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This is a slightly abbreviated episode of the podcast. But I think the Utah craft beer community will find it interesting. Regular listeners will remember that Red Rock Brewery hosted our recent episode about the 2019 Utah Beer Festival.

As part of that conversation, Shantel Stoff, the brewery’s sales and marketing director, gave Utah Beer News listeners an update on a variety of Red Rock-related topics, including:

  • Two new beers that should be hitting the market in the very near future. One is an American Imperial Pilsner and the other is a New England Style IPA.
  • Updates on a few of Red Rock’s special releases.
  • The latest on the construction of a new production facility and the Tap Haus at the Red Rock brewpub in Park City.
  • How Red Rock is approaching the impending law implementation that will allow for beers up to 5% ABV to be sold in grocery and convenience stores.
  • And we also talked briefly about the Utah Consumer Coalition, a nonprofit designed to advocate on behalf of consumers for better beer laws.

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Enjoy the episode!

Episode 26 | Aug. 16, 2019

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