Rebecca Cardaccio, Proper Brewing Co. Sales Director


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We talk a lot about beer from a brewer’s perspective on the Utah Beer News Podcast. But often we don’t consider all the elements involved in understanding how a brewer’s creation gets into our glass.

In this episode, I sit down with Rebecca Cardaccio, sales director at Proper Brewing Co. in Salt Lake City, to learn more about the sales and marketing side of beer. It’s fascinating to me as someone whose background is in marketing (and marketing-adjacent fields).

Becca started as a server at Avenues Proper more than six years ago. Now she is responsible for a host of duties related to selling and marketing craft beer for the ever-growing Proper Brewing Co.

Our conversation opened my eyes to a complex world in which brewing and sales and marketing really fit hand in glove — each dependent upon the other for success.

In Becca’s case, she works closely with the brewing team on brand development. And then she helps to coordinate a multitude of tasks — from beer naming to label design to packaging considerations to pricing.

Thanks to Becca for taking the time to provide insight into the path beer takes from brewing to drinking.

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Episode 54 | May 5, 2021

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