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Finally! A Marxist economist you can show to your parents and say “See?”

Class is in session with economics Professor Emeritus Richard Wolff. He’s here to teach us about inflation, what steps could be taken to tame it, and why the hell no one’s doing anything about it.

He doesn’t want to scare you with the alarming future our leaders are pushing us toward, but if he didn’t, he’d be lying. So buckle in for a fantastic lecture in which Wolff uses economic history to shine a light on the dark road ahead.

And subscribe for the full interview, where Professor Wolff shares what can stop inflation: “I’m gonna give you two things that we could do that will get us through the worst of it; one from a conservative republican and one from a progressive democrat.” Can you guess who?

Plus, Biden wants you to earn the right to not get shot, Laura Ingraham realizes the mass shootings are because the kids are all smoking weed, and another Kamala stoned moment.

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

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