Us & Them: Who Can We Trust?


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Our trust can be tested by many things, both personal and professional. Political fractures make us question those we disagree with. The shifting science of a pandemic presents challenging scenarios for healthcare leaders. As COVID cases continue to rise and fall, Us & Them wanted to hear from people who’ve landed at different points along this trust continuum. Some don’t trust information or data about the coronavirus or the vaccines; from science, from healthcare, from government. Others say healthcare and government officials are doing their best handling a shifting reality with a virus that continues to mutate and infect. Where are you on the trust continuum? How willing are you to listen to someone who disagrees? That’s the challenge in our newest episode of Us & Them. Listen to a range of ideas and opinions. Some may challenge your thinking, others could upset you. But if the exchanges get us all listening and thinking, that can be a good outcome.

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