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Hey! One question for you, are you bored sitting in your living room all day? Stop, cause' I got some news for you. Pay attention, now. See, there's a place you can't see that's even more threatening than a virus. The place is shadowed, unseen and unknown by most humans. In Southern. California and us supernaturals know it as shadowed L.A. Wake up, humans! This hood began in South Los Angeles with an old Reverend. In this reality, a half, demon, half vampire runs the show. She gots, yes I used the word, gots lots of money and power. She's known as The Vadeema and her minions are vampires, werewolves who have by the way, have turned on each other and, changelings. My name is Charise and I tell the story along with a dangerous, alpha werewolf called, Jaws J.

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