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Starting a business is both challenging and exciting. I cannot deny the hand of God in my work at Capital Investment Advisors. I’m surrounded by some of the best people I could collaborate with daily.

But a lot can go wrong when you run your own business. A lot can go wrong when you take an idea and create something that generates revenue and makes a difference in people’s lives. You can get to a point where everything is exactly how you want it—but you have to work to keep it there.

Today’s guest, Sunil Dovedy, is with a company that specializes in change management—the Adizes Institute. They strive to help companies create a healthy culture of collaborative leadership. He’s worked in fast-paced and innovative environments to drive organizations to superior levels of achievement. He shares how to navigate the challenges many businesses face in this episode of Upthinking Finance™.

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  • [4:04] Learn more about Adizes Institute
  • [6:32] Applying life cycles to business
  • [15:38] Saving an organization past its prime
  • [19:39] The problems companies face with growth
  • [28:01] The dynamics of family businesses
  • [39:15] The heartfulness connection
  • [46:55] How to connect with Sunil Dovedy

Learn more about the Adizes Institute

Sunil was in software for over 20 years when he happened to meet Dr. Adizes. Sunil notes that he’s one of those people that you feel privileged to meet. Dr. Adizes takes the typical management processes and simplifies them so that even those without a degree can manage effectively. It’s applying common sense principles to management.

Sunil’s company applied Dr. Adize’s principles and he was blown away. So in 1999, he joined him on a crusade. He’s been working to transform how management is taught and practiced ever since. He shares that it’s been a wonderful 20-year journey.

Applying life cycles to business management

Everyone experiences life cycles. Things are born, they grow, they age, and they die. Dr. Adizes discovered that the human lifecycle can be applied to numerous other systems—including businesses.

The corporate lifecycle goes through 10 stages, from an idea to infancy to growth to operating in its prime. But many businesses reach a stage where they start to disintegrate and die when they face challenges and can’t adapt.

The book, “The Myth of Capitalism,” explores the idea that companies don’t want to compete with each other. They’d rather become oligopolies and co-exist. They spend billions of dollars on research and development, but it’s incomparable to their revenue. They lack innovation. The fall begins when they lose vision. Sunil and the Adizes Institute seek to help businesses change this dynamic.

Saving an organization past its prime

Knowing where your company is in its lifecycle is important. The way you parent an infant, a toddler, and an adolescent is quite different. You have to shift your parenting style in each phase. It’s the same in a business.

One of the biggest challenges is getting to and staying in prime. It’s not about the age or size of the organization, but its behavior. Once you know where you are, you can move to the next stage.

You can continue through the normal ebb and flow of your business’s lifecycle until it’s dead—or you can start a new lifecycle. Aristocracy organizations can start again, but they often have to change their beliefs.

The heartfulness connection

A business usually starts as an idea or dream that evolves into an ATM that has to pay its employees. But the real reason to start a business should be to elevate the human consciousness. We are seeing this shift in movements like conscious capitalism. It’s not about making more money, but creating conditions to help humanity evolve. Dr. Adizes helps organizations free their human potential. It’s about answering the question, “How do you integrate spiritual development and make it an integral part of your daily life?”

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