Eric Holt-Gimenez on Food and Capitalism (In Conversation)


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In this Conversation, we spoke with Eric Holt-Gimenez, author of the book, “A Foodie’s Guide to Capitalism: Understanding the Political Economy of What We Eat.” Why does hunger exist? What are the causes of food insecurity? Why do those in working in the food system, from the farmers who till the soil to the server who places your meal on the table, receive largely unlivable wages? Eric’s answer to these questions is simple: capitalism. Together we trace a line from the enclosures of the early 17th century to the present, looking at how food was commodified and how the market capitalist economic system has done a great job of overproducing food, and a poor one of distributing it equitably. Portions of this interview were originally published as a written Q&A by Upstream theme music is composed by Robert Raymond Intermission music by Fire Ant Season ( Upstream is a labor of love — we couldn't keep this project going without the generosity of our listeners and fans. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Upstream. Thank you! For more from Upstream, visit and follow us on social media: You can also subscribe to us on Apple Podcast and Spotify. Apple Podcast:…am/id1082594532 Spotify:

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