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Feeling triggered by your kids' big feelings and challenging behaviors? Doors are open for the Taming Your Triggers Workshop by Your Parenting Mojo! We LOVE taking this workshop and can't recommend it enough to our community.

This is the last week to sign up… Learn more about the amazing elements of the workshop HERE! We are so excited to begin with you, so make sure to register by Feb 23!

Taming Your Triggers is a 10-week workshop for parents who have big reactions to their child’s (mis)behavior, and who want to change their interactions with their child. Instead of focusing on the child’s behavior, the workshop helps parents to understand the true sources of their triggered feelings (which often lie in the trauma they’ve experienced as children), begin to heal themselves, and learn more effective ways to interact with their children in difficult moments.

Each week they receive a short module of content to read and a homework assignment. They join a supportive online community (not on Facebook!) and have the option to pair up with a partner to hold each other (gently!) accountable to achieve the benefits they sign up for.

LEARN MORE HERE! Register by February 23rd!

Join us to realign your personal values with your daily parenting practices when it comes to supporting your kid’s big feelings + challenging behaviors. We’ll build skills, connection and solidarity together over four 2-hour sessions. Head on over to our link in bio or to learn more…

Tune in and connect on our LIVE Q&As every week on Instagram. Catch up on past LIVE session on our IGTV tab. As always, we laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!

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