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Welcome to The Kathy Hood Show with Special Guest Geretta Benjamin, Founder of Purposed to Pour and friends Jacqueline Dennis & Patricia Welch-Whitcomb Topic: How to Fire Your Boss Tune is as Host Kathy continues the lively conversation about building wealth with expert guest Geretta Benjamin and friends. Come on in and grab nuggets that can empower you in your journey! Geretta Patrice is the founder of Purposed to Pour, is a Business Confidence Coach + Digital . Geretta is a entrepreneur who takes absolute pride in helping women entrepreneurs build, embrace and take ownership of their God given confidence. She believes wholeheartedly that having bold confidence is a stepping stone for making a bold impact. Geretta is truly dedicated to guiding women on their journey of managing, maximizing and multiplying their life, business and wealth. She stands on the ideal that You Can’t Pour, Poor. The opinions expressed durng this broadcast is for inspirational, information and motivational purposes. Enjoying the Conversation? Leave a comment, subscribe and learn more about the show, host, guests and to subscribe visit the Kathy Hood Show Page at Connect with us on social media on Facebook at Up2Me Radio and Instagram at Up2Me.Radio. Thank you for tuning in!

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