COFFEE with Kim with Host Kim Crabill and Special Guests Duane and Cindy Mullett


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Welcome to COFFEE with Kim with Host Kim Crabill and Special Guests Duane and Cindy Mullett. Topic: Rediscovering Joy Have you suffered the loss of a loved one, a job, a home, or a business. Or perhaps you’re rebuilding after a painful circumstance in your life. Major losses like these can sap the joy out of life, trapping you in pain. On our next "COFFEE with Kim" you'll meet authors Duane and Cindy Mullett. They have experienced tragic loss and understand the meaning of suffering but they have also found a way back to joy. Join us, Monday, November 29, as the Mulletts share their tried-and-true journey from grief to recovery as documented in their new book, "From Pain 2 Purpose." Enjoying the Conversation? Subscribe to the Show! Leave us a comment! Visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page at to learn more about the network, the show, Host Kim Crabill and guests. This show is a production of Up2Me Radio in coordination with the Media Team of the Roses and Rainbows Ministry. Visit the ministry at You can find, like and share us on Facebook at Up2Me Radio, follow us on Twitter @Up2Meradio and on Instagram at Up2Me.Radio

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