Call For Caring on Purpose Podcast- Guests Dr. Berkeley & Pastor Eddie Bridgeman


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Welcome to the Call For Caring on Purpose Podcast with Host Michelle Bolden and Special Guests Dr. Berkeley and Pastor Eddie Bridgeman. Topic: Self Care For The Family Caregiver Tune in as Host Michelle talks first about self care for caregiver with psychiatrist Dr. Berkeley and then discusses self care for caregivers and their families through services offered at Impact Church with Pastor Eddie Bridgeman. Your Invitation to and general information about the Caregiving Expo on November 20, 2021 are shared with a promo for a unique, enlightening and special experience attendees (in person and virtually) can have. Grab your pen and paper you will want to take notes! Enjoying the Conversation? Visit the Call For Caring on Purpose show-page at to learn more, share your comments and to listen to other episodes! Thank you for tuning in!

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