Breaking Barriers w/Host Jennifer Jiles & Guests Renee Harrison & Lynette Samuel


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Welcome to a new episode of the Breaking Barriers Podcast with Host Jennifer Jiles and Special Guests Renee Harrison and Lynette Samuel, Founders of GPS LifeSkills. Topic: Reinventing Ourselves: From the Inside Out Women and trauma is trending. After years of battling the stigma associated with people who seek mental health support or bowing to the pressure of being Superwoman, more women than ever are in search of healing. Breaking Barriers offers a conversation about women, trauma, and healing, with Renee Harrison and Lynette Samuel, founders of GPS LifeSkills, a unique life skills and life coaching practice helping women move forward as stronger, better versions of themselves. This is a conversation everyone can learn and grow from no matter what they are experiencing. The opinions expressed during this broadcast are for information and inspirational purposes. Enjoying the conversation? Visit the Breaking Barriers Show page at to leave a comment and subscribe to the show! Stay connected to us on social media on Facebook and Twitter at Up2Me Radio and on Instagram at Up2Me.Radio Thanks for tuning in!

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