184. Stormzy “Mel made me do it”, Sidemen Charity Match, Molly Mae & Tommy Fury's Baby Announcement, Brown Glazed Lips, Rihanna Halftime Super Bowl, Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour, Cost Of Living Update, Kanye West's Comment, Jeffery Dahmer Netflix


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In this episode we discuss...

  • Stormzy “Mel made me do it”
  • Sidemen Charity Match
  • Fredo, Police, Dog
  • Molly Mae & Tommy Fury's Baby Announcement
  • Brown Glazed Lips/Hailey Bieber
  • Rihanna Halftime Super Bowl
  • Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour

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  • Cost Of Living Update
  • Kanye West's Queen Comment

Tweets Of The Week

Nia Long & Ime Udoka / Adam Levine - Q. When beautiful women get cheated on tweets. Is it more shocking?

Jeffery Dahmer Netflix - Q. should we be watching?

U.K. Black Girls ‘look’ - Q. do we all look the same?

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