180. Scotland Period Products, Iceland Loans, Football is Back, Kim K & Pete D Over, Crying baby at Comedy Show, TikTok Trends, Amsterdam Street Evangelism Pastor Tobi ‘bored’ by his choir, Chicken Shop Debate - Andrew Schultz, Men Crying, Tazer Tweet


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In this episode we discuss...

  • Omawi Davies
  • Scotland Period Products
  • Cost Of Living - Iceland offering loans for shopping
  • Football IS BACK!
  • Kim K & Pete D Break Up
  • Crying baby at Comedy Show
  • TikTok - Kids locked in room with ghost trend
  • TikTok- following kids on TikTok

Tweets Of The Week

  • Street Evangelism in Amsterdam viral video
  • Pastor Tobi ‘bored’ by his choir
  • Chicken Shop Debate - Andrew Schultz
  • Men Crying?
  • Tazer Tweet - married and having own room

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