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Hello, Jeffrey here. As we approach Season Five, we’ve got anothrt feed drop for you- the fantastic actual play podcast Of Mice and Men and Monsters. The show’s Dungeon Master is Katelyn, who also happens to be a high school English teacher. She creates adventures that weave classic literature with dungeons and dragons- so far they’ve tackled Frankenstein, Moby Dick, Robin Hood, The Count of Monte Cristo, Oliver Twist, Robinson Crusoe and The Great Gatsby, with many more to come.

We’re here with the first episode of Frankenstein- you can find out more and listen to later episodes at www.omamam.com, or wherever you listen to podcasts.



In the pilot episode of Of Mice And Men And Monsters, our players Penelope, Bertram, and Awen are brought together because of a mysterious flyer by Dr. Frankenstein. A flyer that describes Frankenstein's latest experiment -- a race through an intricate maze in his castle where the winner will be lavished with riches and prizes. But in this race, not everyone will make it out alive.

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