The Everything Bubble with Lou Kerner


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My guest today is my friend Lou Kerner, a Partner at Flight VC where he manages the Israeli Founders Syndicate on AngelList. Lou is also the Founder and Managing Partner at The Social internet Fund, which invests in the primary or secondary shares of private social media or mobile companies. Lou started his career as a Wall Street analyst following media companies, spending four years at Goldman Sachs, before transitioning to operating tech companies. His first CEO role was at The .tv Corporation, which acquired the top-level domain .tv from the tiny island nation of Tuvalu. After .tv was acquired by Verisign in 2001, Mr. Kerner became the CEO of Bolt Media, the largest social media company before MySpace. After Bolt, Lou became an angel investor, best known for writing the first Wall Street style research report on Facebook, in 2010. Lou launched a small VC fund in 2012, and then joined Flight Ventures, where he focused on tech companies founded by Israeli teams. Since 2017, Lou has been focused on crypto as an analyst, investor, and advisor. Lou is one of the most followed crypto analysts (on Medium) and advises companies including Blockchain Co-investors (a crypto fund-of-funds), Casper (a layer one protocol), Props (an SEC-approved token used to drive loyalty programs), and Silver Castle (an institutional-grade digital asset manager). In addition, Mr. Kerner is a Partner in an AngelList Syndicate that actively invests in crypto projects. Furthermore, Lou started CryptoMondays, the largest crypto-focused Meetup group, with chapters in more than 50 cities around the world. Lou's passion and excitement for the space is contagious and he was a wealth of knowledge. In our conversation, we cover why crypto is the most important movement in the history of mankind, Crypto Mondays, Kerner's Law and DAOs, GameFi, the Everything Bubble, and much more. We begin our conversation by discussing what compelled Lou to start Crypto Mondays, their decentralized organizational structure, and the importance of Crypto Mondays to the fabric of the community. We continue our conversation by discussing the importance of community and how the strength of a crypto network can be derived from its network. Lou did an excellent job at explaining how to gauge the strength of the community by using Kerner's Law and the Value Delta. Another very interesting topic of conversation was GameFi. We discussed the emergence of GameFi and how MetaVerse will be all-encompassing. We finish our conversation by discussing the Everything-Bubble and why Bitcoin will become increasingly more important.


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