Privacy-Preserving Systems with Dan Doney


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My guest today is Dan Doney, the CEO of Securrency, Inc, a RegTech/FinTech company that democratizes access to capital markets. Securrency is a FinTech platform that monetizes excess capacity in assets – the engine of the sharing economy. Securrency was formed in 2015 by US national security and technology experts to enable the free trading of previously illiquid asset classes through compliance and unparalleled interoperability. Securrency has developed a unique Compliance Aware Token™ that embeds regulatory and transactional rules in a compliance layer to facilitate legally-compliant securities offerings in the United States and globally. Securrency’s protocol can be utilized on the Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, EOS, and other distributed ledgers, as well as on legacy systems, allowing for seamless on-chain and off-chain movement of tokens. Securrency’s Know Your Wallet™ tools can detect money laundering and other nefarious activity, thereby minimizing the risk of bad actor participation in secondary trading. Dan has been an innovator in a wide variety of fields (process automation, enterprise architecture and software development, financial modeling, organization theory, robotics, and signal processing) drawing on his background in social systems, control theory, software engineering, and artificial intelligence. He is an avid software developer and architect staying current with cloud computing, microservices, containerization, and blockchain development. We begin our conversation by discussing Securrency and what drove Dan to co-found Securrency. The conversation flows into a discussion about the differences between privacy and anonymity. Dan did an excellent job at explaining the nuances between privacy and anonymity. He also discusses how he can create systems that are regulatory compliant but privacy-preserving and elaborates how Securrency is helping build the tools for such a system. We go on to discuss how Securrency is empowering companies to diversify their income by tokenizing their cash flow in a manner that is regulatory compliant. Dan goes on to discuss how zero-knowledge proofs work and why they are integral for building privacy-preserving systems that are regulatory compliant. We also discuss putting the justice system on-chain and why that would be beneficial to society. Another major talking point in our conversation was how DeFi is democratizing financial access across the world by giving everyone access to capital at Western interest rates. We finish our conversation by discussing the importance of semantically rich objects. Please enjoy my conversation with Dan Doney.


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