How to be a Satoshi Nakamoto with Matthew Le Merle


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My guest today is my friend, Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner of Blockchain Coinvestors. Blockchain Coinvestors is the leading blockchain venture fund-of-funds and coinvestment program with a combined portfolio of more than 400 blockchain enterprises and crypto projects, including 30+ blockchain unicorns, today announced its year end 2021 list of blockchain unicorns – private blockchain enterprises and crypto projects with valuations exceeding $1 billion. Matthew is also Managing Partner of Keiretsu - the most active early-stage venture investors backing over 300 companies a year. Matthew’s career has spanned being a global strategy advisor, professional services firm leader, corporate operating executive, private equity and venture capital investor, and board director. Matthew’s board experience includes a broad range of industries including Digital Content, eCommerce, Fintech/Blockchain, Business Services, Consumer and Retail. Clients have covered the globe from China, the EU, and the UK to the US including in his home state of California and the Bay Area/Silicon Valley. We discuss a variety of topics including technological tailwinds, paradigm shifts, who is Satoshi Nakamoto, innovation, accepting change, overcoming personal challenges, and much more. We begin our discussion by discussing Matthew’s various roles advising companies and how to navigate and innovate within technology. Matthew also discusses his experience helping companies leverage their preexisting moats. We go on to discuss the meaning of Keiretsu and how the concept permeates throughout Japanese Culture and the blockchain industry. Our conversation transitions to a discussion centered around how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will disrupt traditional industries. Matthew begins our conversation about technological innovation by discussing the impact the digitization of communication has had on society. A major sector he believes will tremendously benefit from blockchain is real estate. We discuss the implications of the digitization of the real estate industry and the possible second order consequences as a result of putting the real estate industry on the blockchain. One of the major discussion topics of our conversation centered around paradigm shifts and their impact on the youth. Matthew breaks down his seminal work “The Rise of Generation C,” where he predicted the rise of a lot of the technological innovations that are currently shaping our society. Matthew discusses how these technological tailwinds have fundamentally altered how our society functions at every level. Matthew did an excellent job at explaining how technological innovation develops and proliferates within society. The topic of Bitcoin naturally sprung from our discussion of technological innovation. We pontificate who the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, could be and what skillsets he would have needed to create Bitcoin. Our conversation transitions to the topic of personal development and overcoming challenges as we discuss the requirements for living a fulfilling life. We dive deep into how one can change their mindset and what advice Matthew would give to someone looking to improve the overall quality of their life. This conversation is full of so many great moments. It is a must listen. Please enjoy my conversation with Matthew La Merle.



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