011: One Heart, Two Homes- Co-Parenting Tools and Tips to Help Your Kids Live a Successful Childhood with Tammy Bennett Daughtry


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“The greatest thing we can do is forgive all the mistakes of the past, including the ones we made ourselves, and forgive ourselves for being divorced. Because what our kids need from us is the most stable, healthy, and thriving parent that they can model their life after.” -Tammy Daughtry

The main idea behind co-parenting is to create a stable environment as active participants in a child’s life despite an unsuccessful marriage. This is especially hard when you have to cooperate with someone you would rather forget. There are decisions to be made, differing opinions about child-rearing, interaction at hand offs, and all the drama and emotional turmoil that come with it. But it’s always good to keep in mind that even when a marriage ends, parents never stop being parents. As the Founder of Coparenting International, Tammy Daughtry shares wisdom, tips, and tools for better co-parenting. You can still give your children a family where they can feel safe, loved, and be happy. The key is to focus on what you can do yourself and trust that your co-parent loves your children as much as you do. Learn the importance of taking control over your happiness, choosing to forgive, and showing up as the best version of you to your children’s development. The weight of divorce is beyond any child can ever carry, but you can help lessen that burden by giving their one heart two homes that cherish them. When they grow up, they’ll remember how you were as a parent and as a co-parent.

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Episode Highlights:

04:06 Saving Your Children’s Hearts

07:13 How to Hold a Successful Co-Parent Meeting

13:25 Plan For Your Alone Time

18:56 Find Your Support Circle

21:29 Avoid of Competing Attachment

26:00 One Heart, Two Homes

30:35 Forgive and Choose to be Free

36:36 What Will Your Kids Remember?

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