010: Give Yourself a Second Chance at Life, Love, and Career with Lisa Kay


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“You're never too old for marriage or finding love again. It's never too late and you only have one life.” -Lisa Kay

Being able to regain momentum in life after a divorce is a long, arduous journey to take. Sometimes, we may even drown in the illusion that we’re back on track. Lisa Kay has been trying to live her life like normal after the divorce until she got laid off from the job she kept for years. With the support of her second husband, Lisa took this second chance at life to find her passion and joy- her very own photography business. Of course, this road was never easy. In this episode, Lisa shares the challenges she had to overcome in order to rebuild her confidence and strength to keep going and stand out. Like Lisa, you may also feel a cocktail of dark emotions as you try and navigate the sudden changes happening in your life. Tune in as Andrea and Lisa share how you can find the balance between your emotions, be your true self, and finally, make your dream life manifest. Life only creates “second chances”, to grab it is an individual’s decision.

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Episode Highlights:

02:50 Helping People Find Confidence

07:45 Finding The Right Person

10:53 Second Chances Exist

12:34 How to Manifest Your Dream Life

18:13 Feel Your Feelings

24:50 Be YOU

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