Until There Was Me™, The Podcast


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Until There Was Me™, The Podcast. Imagine if your career aspirations and relationship goals could feel magically improved by optimizing one critical element in your life: The relationship you have with yourself. Andrea Javor believes that the key to finding your next-level life fulfillment is through a deliberate focus on YOU, the most challenging, rewarding, and significant relationship you have in this world. Go deep with the one and only bad-ass you to unlock the elusive career, relationship and life goals you are wanting but aren’t getting. Through life experience and candid dialogue with experts, Until There Was Me™ will spark compelling conversations to help you move up and move on in your life. Hosted by Andrea Javor, 20+ year Corporate Marketing Professional and CDC© Certified Divorce Coach, Until There Was Me™ will give you practical, actionable advice to intentionally build your beautiful future at work and at home. Join Andrea and her guests every week as they teach you how to write the beautiful self-love story that reads, until there was me.

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