Episode 42: The Backrooms


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Have you ever heard of The Backrooms? Maybe you've come across this strange never-ending series of liminal spaces on TikTok or on YouTube or maybe some games that you've played. The Backrooms are one of our most frequently requested topics and we were curious to explore why their flickering fluorescent lights, yellow walls, and endless mazes have captured your imaginations. That and more on this episode of Unspookable.

Host: Elise Parisian

Written by: Ellenor Riley-Condit

Created, Produced, Edited by: Nate DuFort

Music Direction and Composition: Jesse Case: https://www.jessecasemusic.com/

Logo by: Natalie Khuen http://nataliek.myportfolio.com

Special thanks this week to: Blythe and Bella

Episode artwork by: graphicsm_ https://www.instagram.com/graphicsm_

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