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Many of you have probably heard of Sleeping At Last, but unfamiliar with the man behind the music and artistry. In this week's conversation on Unspoken, we have Ryan O’Neal. Ryan is a Chicago-based signer-songwriter, producer and composer who makes music under the name of Sleeping at Last. His music can be heard frequently on popular TV shows and films such as the Twilight Saga, Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, The Fault in Our Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, The Ellen Degeneres Show and many more. He has also scored feature documentary films for SoulPancake, Charity: Water and the Global Citizen Festival in NYC.

In 2013, Ryan began the long-form concept project, Atlas, which is an ongoing series of new music to be released over the course of many years. In 2016, Ryan began The Sleeping At Last Podcast in which he explains the process and inspiration behind his music, one song at a time. He is currently hard at work on Atlas: Year Two: 25 new songs which explore the themes of human development; sense, emotions and a song for each of the nine unique Enneagram types.

Ryan is such a gift. We are touched by the way he shows up in the world, his kindness and childlike imagination bleeding into everything he creates. The stories he shares about where his love of music first began, the inner-critic that he constantly navigates, and the joys of being a father are incomparable. We hope this conversation leaves you inspired to find connection, healing, courage and strength to leave no important words unspoken.

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