How to Get High Naturally


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I have been on point with my weekly, long breathing session and it certainly does make me ‘high’.

Yes, it seems like a nuisance at times to stay on point with. But well worth it.

And in about a month, we are once again heading to Mt. Washington to attempt to summit the highest point on the east coast.

Last year, my brain was shot by the time I crossed the tree line because the 80 degree climb at one point got to me mentally.

Yet, I felt more alive than I can recall in any recent time.

Perhaps that’s why I got a motorcycle this year too.

Mortality. Life can’t exist without death. No, I do not have a death wish, but I do know that putting myself in situations where I realize how fragile my life is helps new neural pathways open up in my brain, making me feel high, more alive.

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