Football and Turkey Day with Ahmad Bradshaw


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It’s time for another episode of Unleashed, brought to you by BetMGM, and it is Thanksgiving! This week, hosts Olivia Harlan Dekker and Jerry Ferrara are speaking with a true legend of the game of football, a former New York Giant who put up two different 1,000 yard rushing seasons, as well as was a part of two SuperBowl winning teams, it’s Ahmad Bradshaw! He joins Jerry and Olivia to chat about his time in New York, what it was like taking the field for the big Thanksgiving Day game, and his thoughts on the current NFL season. After, we get the latest scoop from our betting guru, Peter Andreu as he shares his picks for week 12 of the NFL. So get comfortable and join us for another episode of Unleashed, presented by BetMGM!

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