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Robert Courtney was an upstanding Kansas City pharmacist and family man who was deeply devoted to his church. Courtney owned and operated two pharmacies and was perceived as an innovative businessman. His wealth was apparent to people in Kansas City in the 90’s— he lived in a $700,000 home and collected sports cars. It all came crashing down in 2001 when an oncologist discovered that Courtney had been diluting chemotherapy medications. She tipped off the FBI and the Courtney investigation became the FBI’s number one priority in 2001 up until 9/11. Courtney claimed that he started diluting the medication to pay a $600,000 IRS bill and to honor his pledge of $1 million to his church. But his greed, and the fact that he got away with it, led him to dilute more and more medications. In the end, over 98,000 prescriptions were diluted, over 4,000 patients were affected and almost 200 people died as a result. One of the most shocking aspects of this whole story is that it took 10 years for Courtney to get caught and if it weren't for one woman, he would still be working as a pharmacist today. How is that possible? We explore that question along with the even scarier question: Could this happen again?

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