Episode 3. How to Find Work in Web3 & DAOs


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The future of work is in Web3 and DAOs. Both are revolutionizing employment and work. After listening to today’s episode you’ll be better prepared for that future.

In this episode, host Joshua Lapidus covers all things DAOs and Web3. How to get started, the best places to look, and how to get paid - we get into detail on all of that - and more - on this week’s episode - How to find work in Web3 and DAOs.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is Web3
  • What are DAOs
  • The role of DAOs in the future of work
  • The best ways to get started in DAOs and where to look for work
  • The pros and cons you need to know about DAOs before joining
  • How to get paid working for a DAO, and
  • How to get benefits while working with a DAO

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